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  • Askme

    Either on your daily commute, or on your fast rides or on your longer expedition tours; ASKME will be an indispensable companion of your bike. Your phone, powerbank, cables, repair kit and a handy pump can be there in addition to all food you would need during a long daily ride. Each item can be easily reached while pedaling.
  • Perfecda

    The Minimalist Handlebar Bag With its stylish minimalist lines, Perfecda has been designed to provide easy access for your items during your rides.  Specifically designed for road cyclists, could be integrated on bikes of any kind within seconds.
  • Bongo

    Stem bags are must items for every bikepacking setup. Ideal for big water bottles, snacks, camera or anything you would like to reach easily on the go. Getting musical with Bongo is easier when used as a couple: Bongo Bongo ? ?
  • New


    Rollo is our dual opening bikepacking handlebar dry bag to keep your gear safe from rain. Ideal for lightweight and bulky items for your biking adventures. Made from lightweight PU coated nylon, protected by seam sealing, dual roll top construction makes it the perfect bag to carry your sleeping gear such as sleeping bag, mattress, down jacket or other clothes to the next camp spot.
  • New


    Fully waterproof rolltop bag for bike forks. Ultra durable with Cordura outer fabric whichs hosts an inner PU coated nylon with taped seams. You can even sink it to water, no worries.
  • Inova

     75 90
    Impressively spacious Inova can carry all the stuff you need for long expedition rides, bikepacking day trips or weekend campers. Enjoy fast and secure riding, while carrying load easier. Securely fitted under the seat tube with mil-spec buckles and straps, no oscillation is allowed.
  • Inna

     65 70
    Inna is your frame bag for daily trips, endurance bike races or far expeditions. Shaped for road, gravel and touring bikes. Attached securely to top, head and seat tubes of your frame, while carrying heavier items, leaves space for water bottles.
  • Mira

    Mira is designed to fit the front portion of your frame while leaving space for double water bottles even on smaller frames. A perfect fit for most road, gravel and endurance frames, Mira is your must have item when you head out for an adventure. Keeping ultra endurance cycling and daily distant rides in mind, Mira fills the gap in your bike frame and provides a more stable, safer ride due to the low centre of gravity.
  • Joyride

    Joyride is designed to fit the front portion of your frame while leaving space for a water bottle near the seat tube. Both lightweight and very strong; constructed with water repellent, abrasion resistant Cordura 1000D fabrics, water resistant coated YKK Aquaguard zippers and attention to detail craftsmanship.
  • TopRock

     30 35
    We don't call it TopRock, just because it is a top tube bag. Not because it is rock solid. It is named TopRock because it is one of the strongest bikepacking gear ever made. Lightweight, securely mounted on the top tube of your bike, TopRock is an unrivalled companion for your daily commute or for some ultra endurance race.
  • OneDrop

    Bikepacking made easy for everyone. Onedrop can be attached on all types of bikes. Made with built in rain cover, lightweight and secure on the top tube of your bike, One Drop is your only everyday bag for daily commute or for long distance expeditions.
  • Minima

    Rolltop Saddlebag You shape it, you size it. It can get really big! Minima is everybody's choice from the minimalist road rider to extra prepared tour cyclist. You can fit 2 pcs 29er tube, a repair kit, extra layers and many snacks. Even at the maximum size, this bag is super secure thanks to the velcro rolltop closure, YKK buckles and seatpost strap. Easy to install and super lightweight, only 95 g.
  • Blossom

    Blossom is the perfect companion for a long riding day. Ideal saddle roll bag for Road & Gravel Riding. Keep your tools and spares under your saddle and remove the weight out of your jersey pockets.
  • Hodo

    Hodo is our handlebar bag holder for your dry bag or any other bulky equipment. Using Hodo any bag becomes a bicycle bag. Hodo can hold dry bags upto 20 lt size, or large camping gear like a tent or a sleeping bag. It makes loading and unloading super easier.
  • Karman

    The Wallet of Rides. This wallet is designed to keep your valuables under control such as keys, coins, headphones, credit and debit cards and your ID card.
  • New

    Dusty Cage

    DustyCage securely carries extra luggage on your bikepacking trip. Long straps helps to fix every type of bottles included large vacuum ones and bigger size bags.