Own Pace

We have all been in a place where we feel there is always better than that. A feeling that almost everyone experiences once starting to look forward to something passionately. Short after confidence explosions, being trapped into a feeling of being inferior shows up. Our minds get busy with who is achieving this or that. Better stats to check, more comparisons, more competition, desire to go faster than anyone, stiffer & lighter bikes, and striving for the best relentlessly.

At the foothills of Taurus Mountains, during our first #pusula ride, we have questioned what makes a ride unique at the end of the day. Confidence after a climb? Drinking coffee in the cold? Socialising around cycling? Escape & discovery?
Maybe one, maybe all.

We prefer this time not comparing oneself to another. Taking our time rather focusing on what surrounds us. It feels right to ride together. No competition. We just need to carry on further.

Smell of pine trees along the prolonged descends. Villagers working. Greeting each. Broken roads cause shaky hands. We let our busy minds plug off.

As the steady climbs gets steeper upto 14%, it matters more for us to be at our own pace, living in the moment.

Only essentials are carried. Set up is lightweight, all tucked in: layers, gilets, jackets, arm & leg warmers, food, swiss knives,
cameras and our bivvy bags.

Askme accompanied us to keep easy-to-reach items in. No loose shape, no shaking, compact and sturdy. “Patatesli Sıkma” shows its presence.

Thank you Aytac Yarıktaş for the nice bikepacking story and pictures from Taurus Mountains. In the end, finding your own pace matters. It is a journey to get here. It takes time but is surely worth it.





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