Exploring new routes

Regardless of the season, many of us find ourselves in search of new natural places and new roads to ride. Generally this ends up in difficult routes.

Don’t you think it’s time to explore? Or were we already there? Sometimes we need to slow down a little bit and focus on the search. We strech the time we spend riding to embrace the stunning views of the mountains.

Climbs and the dirt roads, the search for new gravel routes is almost impossible without them.

And it is always difficult to estimate the arrival time. We have to be prepared for changing conditions. It’s always good to carry spare lights and extra layers just in case we don’t make it home before sunset. 

But the experience we’ ve just had grows bigger as we think the views is priceless on the road. 

Since we are back home, we start sharing every detail with great fun. Almost every moment is lived with joy and immediately the new plans starts to come to table. We will  enjoy these moments until the next expedition.

Thanks to Mariano Lopez ve Cristóbal Eduardo Vera Pino for these inspiring pictures.

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