Bicycle Touring in November is something else

Just before the winter comes, I intended to make a 3 day bikepacking trip and decided to take the ferry to Bandırma friday night and hit the road next morning. Actually, the route was already planned, but I didn’t gon into the details. I realised how a magnificent route I created after making it. 



I’d like to mention about my bike and the gear I used. I’ve been riding 2018 Giant TCR Advanced SL Disk. There’s not much to say abput it, if you google it you’ll get what I mean.



My tires are Pirelli P-Zero Race 30m tubeless, it’s still on my bike since our long ride to Antalya. It’s very comfortable to ride, wide and punchtyre free after 4000 km distance covered. Getting on with them.



All the clothing is supplied by my sponsor Biehler. I packed long sleeve and no sleeve inner layers, a long sleeve jersey, winter short bibs, winter gloves, spare socks, merino hat, neck tube, a gilet and a windbreaker jacket. I cariied them all and used occasionally. I also packed a shoe cover for chilly mornings. I had my new helmet from a new sponsor Limar Air Pro Mips.


How am I supposed to carry all this gear I need to carry for the road? Of course by the help of my Pack2Ride bags. I had the trio I used for 5 day Antalya trip, Toprock, Mira and Inova. This three bags are ideal for my needs. And I also have the Karman, the rider’s wallet for my cards, money and other valuables.



Let’s see the tour details now:



Day 1 – Bandırma / Ayvalık – 250km – 3000m – I took of from Bandırma at 8 in the saturday morning. It was around 5 degree celcius. I only started to fee warmer afternoon. But he roads were magnificient. Narrow and ruined country roads. Autumn colors were everywhere, fallen leaves were all around. Luckily, I had the tailwind with me. Last 50 K I was on the main road to Ayvalık, it was already darkened. That was it for Day 1.



Day 2 – Ayvalık / Çeşmealtı – 210km – 3000m – I was off again around 8:00. I rode village roads to Kozak Yaylası then on to Bergama. It was great fun to ride on narrow roads through olive gardens. Early moning was chilly, but at noon I felt like a summer day. Luckily my Pack2Ride bags were keeping the essentials kits to change. Passing Bergama road became even more beautiful, making a therapy effect on mind as I rode near to wind turbines. Then I found myself on the main to from Manisa to İzmir, climbing the notorious Sabuncubeli. I had make it pass İzmir traffic to finish the day 2 in Çeşmealtı.



Day 3: Çeşme Altı / Kuşadası – 115km – 1250m – The last day my route was shorter, I waited for my friend to join me. We had our coffees and chit chat was made. The on 11:00 we start riding on the roads less travelled. This time we had deadwind until Seferihisar. After lunch I was alone again. This time the road was the familiar seaside track with small climbs. I made it to bus station before sunset to take the night bus back to İstanbul.



It makes a therapy effect on the mind, to ride a long road alone. You remind yourself, you are single in life, you have to think for yourself. And you have to be self sufficient.  See you on new tours to come.


Text and Photos by Berk Okyay

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