Alcaparrosa Tunnel – A Bikepacking Trip to North of Chile

After a long break, the @gravelchile community returned to nature and truly missed dirt roads, where we moved to Illapel in the Coquimbo Region. We had to suffer a steep climb that would take us to 1400 meters above sea level to reach the Alcaparrosa Tunnel, our camping spot. Here we got some rest, share and enjoy our meals where everyone brings out their best cooking tips and recepies. 

The next day was an important milestone that was to cross this tunnel dating from 1912 and has a length of approximately 1.8km. Then we continued our journey through the hills reaching 1800 m.a.s.l. enjoying views that can only give us the Northern Zone of Chile and its arid landscape. Reaching the top begins an extensive descent to return again to our meeting point located in Aucó covering a total of 77km.

Our equipment was distributed as follows:
Seatbag Inova: Clothes, sleeping bag and mattress.
Framebag Mira and Inna: Food, tools and camera.
Askme: Cooking set (pot and stove).
Hodo: Tent

Photos and text by our friends Cristobal and Gabriela.

Here is how the routes look like on Strava:

Day 1

Day 2

Here is a video story of this wonderful trip, enjoy!

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