About Us

Our Story

The passion about gravel bikes and ultra cycling brought us here. In the begining of 2019 we decided to kick off PACK2RIDE as a side job, a family initiative to make bikepacking bags accessible for more people. We found ourselves looking for the most durable materials and best makers to put on the table a product range with must-have features, simplistic design, attention-to-detail craftsmanship and durability while satisfying the expectations on lifetime quality. Our bags became loyal companions of the riders in conditions of all sorts along their cycling journeys. Although we love travelling we dedicated ourselves for this business at the last 3 years, we are only consoled by the fact that our bags travel to the far corners of the world. In year 2021 we also started producing metal accessories which will help us to be recognised a wholeistic bikepacking brand. In 2022, we are now a company with abroad distributors and retail partners.

We learned to design, source the best materials, run a business with values. We believe doing a fair trade, supporting the local production helps to create changes in life and community. All our gear is designed and made in our hometown Eskişehir or İzmir, Turkey. Our dedication for continuous innovation and developing a collaboration environment keeps us going. Now we stand for what we believe: To make long lasting, top quality, accessible bikepacking gear with lifetime warranty and reach out to you, riders all around.